Split Test Monkey Review

Product Name: Split Test Monkey

Vendor name: Promote Labs

Status: Not on public sale until 1st November 2016

Bonus available: Yes

So you’re looking for an honest review of Split Test Monkey right?  You know there’s a lot of people out there giving reviews who have never even used the software! That’s not how I rock and roll, if I use it I review it, if not I don’t!

So let’s talk split testing. Firstly what is it ?

In order to see which page or element of a page (for example a headline) works best you have to do a split test. To do a split test you need two things:

a variable – for example a headline

a conversion page – a page the person lands on after having bought your product or downloaded your report

The software you use will do the following:

display a different headline to each user and then record which headline leads to more conversions.

The on that leads to more conversion sis then seen as the winner

So far so good right?

Yup right? The problem up to know is that split testing has been a bit geeky and hard to do. Enter Split Test Monkey.

If you have ever used any of the monkey products from promote labs you will now they are super easy to use and great quality and split test monkey is no different.

Split test monkey in use

Firstly you need two things – your download page or sales page, and a thank you or download page.

You then decide on what element you want to test (let’s say headline). You input this headline and your second headline to test into Split test money and you are then given a small javascript code. This code is inserted into your sales page.

What this code does is randomly show a different headline to each visitor.

Once you have this you need to use the split test monkey conversion code and place this on your download or thank you page.  This records which headline led to the conversion.

And that’s it!  I really do mean that, as split test monkey will automatically always show the winning page/headline once a winner is declared.

How are winners declared?

Simple answer is automatically! The software monitors the conversions at declares a winner after X amount of successful conversions.  Then it is set to always display that page.  So it truly is set and forget.

Should you invest in split test monkey?

I believe you should as split testing is something that everyone says you need to do but few have done it up to this point due to how difficult the software was.  Once you know the winning headlines you can reuse and retest these headlines on other pages.

Here you will find a video waltkthru of split test monkey


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