Simple Video Supremacy Review

I guess you’ve seen the emails, heard the buzz about Noel’s new product called Simple Video Supremacy and you’re guessing is it worth it? Does it do what it says on the tin?

This review is going to answer those questions for you

First things for first what exactly is Simple Video Supremacy and why do you need it?  Well let me answer the second question first.

Clear, simple and great value  super video supremacy rocks!

In case you have been living under a rock, you’ll know that Video is hot. YouTube is one of the top 5 most visited websites. Something like 50 hours or more of video is uploaded every hour, even more hours of video are watched every hour.  It’s just crazy.

A friend of mine needed to change a pipe in his kitchen, so what did he do? He went on to youtube to find a video.

Bottom line is if you are online and doing business of any sort you need to excel at creating videos.

Now back to the first question.

Simple Video Supremacy shows you what you need to know about creating videos, how to optimise them, and what type of videos to make.

So let’s look at the main product

Simple Video Supremacy ebook

In this ebook you learn about

  • what videos can do for you
  • how to create your first video
  • how to rank your videos and what methods to use
  • how to make money with your videos
  • how to run a profitable business with videos

The ebook is concise and to the point, there’s no unnecessary fillers or fluff in the book, just what need and Noel takes the right amount of time to explain it – major bonus points here.

Then in case you’re not the reading type simple video supremacy also comes with a series of 20 short videos explaining everything.  This I love as sometimes I just want to listen to what’s going on rather than reading. Yeah I know a bit lazy but hey.


So is Simple Video Supremacy worth the asking price? At $4,95 hell yeah, at 14,95 it still is. I’ve seen products of less quality, being sold for $27 or more. Noel knows what he is talking about and has put together a fabulous members area which is simple to navigate, but more importantly has a quality product in it a price that anyone can afford.

Simple Video Supremacy rocks, plain and simple.  You’re going to learn what you need to start ranking your videos and you’re also going to learn how to make money from it too.

My advice is go get this puppy right now