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    Are you finally ready to say enough is enough and realise that it is time to build an online business, that can help you with automated income?
    Are you ready to stop trading time for money?
    Are you ready to work hard for yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labour?  


From the desk of:Richard Butler

Location:  Barcelona, Spain

Hi I am Richard Butler, and I have been online for a number of years.  I am a life and business coach and help people focus first so they can build a business online.

No matter what anyone says you have to build a business online rather than "sell stuff" like so many people do. The problem is that when you "sell stuff" you are the equivalent to a someone who goes to car boot sale.  You have no product, no brand and worse no fixed income.  Also you will never see a high profile company buying over a car boot salesperson.  Big companies want a business with assets and a "product." Therefore you have to think about building your business and your brand.

Now is the time to learn about the right way to build an online business.  I have got insider access to two of the top brains in the internet marketing field, and each and every month, they and I  will help you build your business.

Listen, watch and learn!

Listen and watch as Dave an John, discuss each month's topic.  Get my take on the topic plus free resources for you to download to help you succeed.

I'd like to offer you the opportunity to get your first month free with no risk to you. In fact I want to give you the first months video and I don't even want you to sign up for a $1 trial or anything. If after the first month you like what you see please feel free to sign up.  Or if you want to sign up earlier than a month that's cool too!

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Every single month you are going to get a new business topic available to you in your members area.  This will consist of vidoes, pdfs, mp3s and more, that you can listen to off line or download onto your computer.  You can even print out the pdfs to read offline.

So let's look at what is in store for you over the next 3 months:

What's in the first months videos?

John and Dave talk about:

You are getting over 1 hours of videos from two top quality and honest UK marketers as a gift to you from me!

Month 2 Videos (paid membership)

Dave and John talk about traffic in more detail. Exactly how can you get more traffic, what can you do to ensure you drive more traffic to your website. I also include my checklist that I use for ensuring that I create content that will be shared!

Month 3 Videos (paid membership)

In month 3 we talk about video and how it can help you in your business. From "easy" screen recording videos to some interesting strategies that John and Dave have used to gain even more traffic. Video might be something that scares you but it is a neccesity.


In addition to the above you will also receive a monthly checklist

This monthly checklist will highlight the important actions you need to take this month to build your business and provide you with an easy way to see what you have done and what you have left to do.

Talk about having a handy shortcut!

It is now or never

This is your chance to succeed. Are you willing to invest in this opportunity and take the free offer that I am extending you? 

The choice is yours.

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To your success