Business course – What are your skills?

Inspiration from an unknown author:
“If you’re not sure where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else.”

Estimated time for completion: 1 hour
Many people feel they don’t have marketable skills and there’s nothing they are passionate about. They work, they come home, they sleep, they just exist. If you’re one of these people, you need to ask yourself some questions.

Case Study From Richard’s Files

When Sarah came to see me, she was fed up of her job and felt she had no other skills. When I asked her what she did, she replied, “All I do is manage a team of 15 people. I train them to deal with high net worth customers, who can be a little aggressive in their manners!”

She taught the team how to deal with these people, how to calm them down, and how to explain situations to them, without in anyway offending their intelligence or belittling them. Her team had the best statistics for customer satisfaction and resolving issues in the whole company.

As you can see, Sarah had lots of skills. Just from her brief job description, we identified the following:
* Training
* People Management
* Customer Service
* Conflict Resolution

And this was just the tip of the iceberg

Before you decide what your online business will be based on, take some time to brainstorm and uncover what you are good at. What can you provide information about? It’s best to start with something you know for your first product or service.

Finding your skills

Reflect on what you know other people would be interested in. Perhaps it’s a hobby, or a job. Brainstorm everything you know about it and write it down. The whole idea of brainstorming is to open your mind and not discount any idea that pops into your head.

Skills can also come from life experiences. There are many things that you have done that other people would love to find out more about. Perhaps you’ve travelled across America on a motorbike – what tips can you give people? Have you camped out under the stars every summer for the past ten years? What helpful hints can you share about what you have learned.

Now you’re going to take an inventory of your skills. Again this is not just “work” skills – this is all skills, work, life, relationship skills etc.
The first thing you will do is brainstorm. You’re going to list everything you’re knowledgeable about. Then you’re going to list the jobs you have worked at. These include both paid and unpaid jobs. Remember to include skills you acquired as a volunteer. From there you’ll match your top 5 skills with your top 5 passions from
Step 1.

I am knowledgeable about:

Jobs I have worked at:

How can my top five things I am passionate about match my top 5 skills?
In the following form, match your top 5 passions with your skills

Example – Passionate about – speaking and helping people
Skills – good communicator / compassionate

1. Passionate about ______________________________________________________
Skills _________________________________________________________________

2. Passionate about ______________________________________________________
Skills _________________________________________________________________

3. Passionate about ______________________________________________________
Skills _________________________________________________________________

4. Passionate about ______________________________________________________
Skills _________________________________________________________________

5. Passionate about ______________________________________________________
Skills _________________________________________________________________

Top 3 business ideas:

Now that you have matched your skill and your passion, generate three business ideas you could apply them to. This list can be revisited and changed

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