Step 10 Publish and package

Estimated time for completion: 1 hour

Inspiration from Scott Reed:
“Obstacles are those frightful things you can see when you take your eye off your goal .”

Today is an exciting day. Your report is edited and ready to be published and packaged. The process is relatively simple. You’ll be converting your Word document into a PDF file and packaging your PDF file in a zip file so your future customers can easily download and read your report.

You’ll need a piece of software to convert your Word file into a PDF file and then package it all up so it’s ready for your customers to download.

I’m going to use some free software here, although newer versions of word will automatically come with a PDF converter

To convert your Word document into a PDF file, you need to download and install the free PDF995 software.

Follow the instructions below to download the software.
1. Download PDF995 by visiting

2. Click the “Download Now” link in the “PdfSuite995” listing
3. Download the Pdf995 Printer Driver and Free Converter onto your computer from the “Pdf995 2-Step Download” box
4. Open the Printer Driver and Converter Zip files from your computer and follow the installation prompts.
That’s it. Now you can create PDF files very easily.
The first thing we’re going to do is convert your Word document into a PDF file. You need to have PDF995 installed on your computer to do this. Follow the instructions below to complete the conversion process.

Converting a Word Document into a PDF file

1. Open your Word document
2. Press and hold the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and the “P” key and the print menu will pop up
3. Select PDF995 from the printer menu and click “OK”
4. Select the folder you want to save your document in and click “Save”

Congratulations! You just published your document in a PDF format. Now you’re ready to package it.


Packaging your PDF file in a Zip File
1. Open WinZip
2. Click on the “Wizard” icon
3. Click the “Next” button
4. Click on the button beside “Create a new Zip file”
5. Name your file and click the “Next” button
6. Click the “Add Files” button
7. Browse to the file you want to zip up and double click it
8. Click the “Zip Now” button
9. Your Zip file is saved in the Documents file on your computer.
Congratulations! You have a product that is published, packaged and ready to sell.