Step 7 Preliminary draft

Estimated time for completion: 4 hours depending on the length of your report

Today you’re going to start writing your report. This Step may take a few hours or a few days, depending on your typing speed and your writing skills. Remember you don’t need a college degree or a high school diploma to write a report. You just need information and passion. Take as much time as you need. This step is vital to your success.

Each idea you’ve written down in your report outline is going to become a page or two. Sometimes one idea can become several pages. There is no limit to how long or how detailed you make your report. We suggest you write as much as possible without rambling or stuffing it with filler. A 20-page concise report that gets straight to the point is more beneficial to your reader than a 50-page report that rambles on and on.

The rule of thumb is the report will be as long as needed.  Think of your reader. What do they know. If your report is on goal setting think about the reader. Are they a beginner? Are they an advanced goal setter? The level of the reader will dictate the lenght of the report and the content.  You can always write a basic report and then write a more advanced one for your next report!

Start with Point 1 in your report outline and write as much as you can about that point. Do the same with your supporting points and then move onto Point 2 and do the same thing. As you progress through your points and supporting points, you’ll notice that they start looking a lot like chapters in a book. D on’t worry too much about editing and all that stuff at this point. The point of this step is to getting everything onto paper then you can do a clean up later!

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